The only depiction of the nude body is in pornography. There is a duality in that the only images of naked women involve pornography or sexploitation and at the same time there is a desire to appreciate the human body as a work of art.

As a result, there is a lot of shame in viewing the body as something marvelous, wholesome, and beautiful. The stuff that is available to us is seen as taboo, sinful, or exploitive.

symmetrical, athletic, balanced, youthful, healthy


There is an idealized physical beauty, but there is also the beauty of our spirit and the depth of our honest humanity. It seems like there’s a pushback against idealized images of the human body.

Are sexual images depicted as a celebration of (our humanity and our sexuality) being human or is it dehumanizing. You want to celebrate the human experience. Pornography is not wrong. But we don’t have choices in appreciating the human figure (as art).

Because porn is so taboo there is shame in wanting to experience simple beauty. it’s important to be able to savor the a

“Human beauty is an experience and not a standard.”
~David Bollt

Beauty is on the other side of the gate.