Ahna and the Orange Chair

What can you do with a white backdrop and one orange chair? Quite a lot when you’re collaborating with Ahna Green. The duo shoot we did with Janae was relatively short, so we stuck around in the studio and played with a chair. 

Fascinating fun fact: My head is crooked. My head falls to the right and so I see the world a bit off kilter. As much as I try to keep my images straight (I even have a level in my viewfinder to help me), they always come out of the camera a little tilted. I kept a few of the images below as they come out of the camera so you can see how I perceive the world. The straightened images are there as well for reference. So Upside Brown Photography is a suited handle. Another bit of weirdness about me: One of my eyes sees warm tones and the other sees cool tones. It’s so much nicer to look at the world from my rosy eye than my blue one.