Just drop me a note to discuss your needs. If I can’t do what you need, I can refer you to someone in my network who can. 

I’ll assume that you’ll come with hair and makeup done. I work with some great hair and makeup artists (MUA), so if you want to have me arrange to have someone on-site for your shoot, let me know. You’ll pay them directly. Most MUAs will charge about $100 for a session. 

After you book your shoot, I’ll be in touch to discuss wardrobe options. 

No one comes in knowing how to pose, and everyone leaves with amazing pictures! You’ve hired me to make you look and feel the best you ever have, and I guarantee you’ll leave with a new found confidence. Your only job on your shoot is to have fun and relax. I’ll guide you through the posing process. Simply trust the posing, lighting and direction, and I guarantee you will love your portraits.

Yes. If your place is within my service area, I will shoot wherever you like at no extra charge. If there is travel outside of those boundaries, there will be a charge. Contact me and I can give you a quote for travel?

Absolutely. Let your sexy shine. As you can see from my gallery some of the images are quite sexy or sensual. However, they are always tasteful. 

Absolutely! The time is yours to use as you wish. If you want to include your partner, your siblings, your mom, your best friend or all your girlfriends for that matter, then have at it. 

You can, but unless they are being photographed with you, I prefer not. I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable and have fun. But I’ve seen too many situations where a friend or spouse is more of a hindrance than a help in the process. If you are concerned about your safety, you should know that I usually work with a female assistant who helps with the setup and lighting. Of course, if I’m photographing your child, I’d expect you to be present.

Nope! To much pressure for me. I can refer you to wonderful photographers who I trust to do a great job photographing your wedding. 

I’ll ask for a release which will allow me to use your pictures in my portfolio. It’s entirely up to you whether you sign that release. All people who are featured on this site have given me permission to use their images. 

No, sorry. Not even for a fee. 

In certain circumstances, typically a commercial job, I can do that for an additional fee. You’ll have to sign a contract that says you will not use my name as the photographer for those photos. 

I can assure you there will be no surprises. If there will be costs involved beyond the package price, we’ll discuss these well in advance. For example, hair and makeup is not included in the price. You can do this yourself or I can arrange to have a makeup artist come in to the shoot for you. If we are shooting in locations outside of my studio that have associated costs, you’ll have to cover those. For example, rental of a studio with vintage sets or admission to a selfie museum. 

Too late! I have a wonderful wife who I love and adore. 

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