Ahna In Color

Ahna is one of my favorite collaborators. Most times we just hang out in the studio with a vague idea of what we want to do and play and have fun trying new stuff: A unique prop, a lighting technique, a posing idea, etc. Sometimes we fail, but more often we end up with something interesting. 

For this shoot, Ahna suggested that we work with gels (colored lights). I had recently played with the idea of casting colored shadows and thought it might be interesting to explore the idea further. I used red, green, and blue gels. Where the blue meets the green and red, the color turns white. I knew that I’d get colored shadows on her body, but I had no idea how rich and saturated they’d be.

Then Ahna asked if I still had the old wooden ladder around. You can see how I used it in a conventional way here with Victoria. We switched up our colors and Ahna went to work on the ladder. It really was a lesson in creative posing. I feared for her safety, but in Ahna’s world, if it’s not at least a little dangerous, it’s just not as much fun.