Want to play in my sandbox?

Every week I try to do at least one test shoot where I’ll play with a concept or a different lighting setup, either one I want to explore or one that is suggested to me. I do most of these on a TFP (time for print) basis. That means that if you want to take the time to shoot with me for these little creative experiments, I’ll pay you in prints (digital images actually). Essentially you trade your time for finished images. It’s a win-win for both of us.

If you’re interested, here’s what you need to know…

You don’t need experience to do a TFP shoot with me. I enjoy working with experienced models, but I also enjoy working with first-timers. Many of the subjects you see in my blog or on my Instagram feed have never done a professional photoshoot before. I have no issues coaching you. I was a ballet dancer in my previous life and have modelled as well, both for art students and commercially, so I can direct you and help you with posing. That’s not a problem. [About minors: If you are under 18 I can still shoot with you, but I expect that you’ll bring a parent with you for the shoot and that they’ll sign a release form on your behalf.]

You need to be prepared to work collaboratively. That means that we’ll work together to come up with some great images. So if you contact me for a trade shoot, please tell me a little bit about yourself and share any ideas or concepts you have in mind for our time together. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you’d like to shoot, that’s fine. Tell me what kind of genres you like. Send a few images that you like to give me an idea of what you like and don’t like. We’ll discuss a concept before the shoot and make sure that it’s something that we’re both going to enjoy. That’s what this is all about after all: Playing and having a great experience creating art.

What do I look for in a collaborator? I would rather have an interesting picture over a pretty picture any day. So I like to work with models that can be expressive. If you just have one face that you feel looks good (i.e. Blue Steel), then we are probably not a good fit. Good communication is always important, especially when working on creative projects. Being creative means being open to possibilities and also open to failing. Failing is fine.  It’s an opportunity to learn and grow. Art is a messy business. Lastly, show up. If you make a commitment to shoot, then be on time and come prepared. I’ll respect your time and I expect the same in return. 

Be prepared for success or failure. These photoshoots are experiments. We may have a really successful shoot and capture lots of awesome images. Or it could be a complete disaster. That’s not likely, but sometimes things don’t always work out as planned. Whatever happens, we’ll have fun through the process.

You’ll need to sign a release. Part of doing these test shoots is to build my technical and creative skills, but another part of doing these is to have images to build my portfolio. Before we shoot, you’ll have to sign a release form for me that gives me the permission to publish the pictures we capture. I’ll show you what we’re capturing throughout the shoot. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the images and if you don’t want me to use any, ask me to delete them during the shoot. Otherwise, I’ll have the rights to publish what we’ve captured at my discretion. Typically if I post them, they will be published only on my blog or on one of my social media profiles. 

How many images will you get? It all depends on what we’re doing. Sometimes we’ll be trying to get that one mantlepiece picture. Other times we’ll just play and get lots of shots. Expect to get at least three to five images. More typically you’ll end up with a dozen or more. 

Can you bring an escort? Absolutely… but with a caveat: It’s important to me that you feel safe and comfortable. If your escort if cool with you doing a shoot with me bring them along. If they are the jealous type and are coming along just to keep their eye on you, please leave them at home. I often work with an assistant to help me with lights. I’ll check with you before the shoot to confirm and make sure you’re comfortable with another person on set. If you want me to bring in a female assistant for your shoot, I’ll make arrangements to do so. 

Don’t be offended if I don’t do a trade shoot with you. If I could spend all day every day playing I would, but unfortunately my time is limited. I try to do at least one trade shoot per week, so I can’t work with everyone that reaches out to me. My not booking you for a trade shoot is no reflection on who you are as a person or as a model. It’s a reflection of my limited time. It also largely depends on what skills or concepts I am working on. You can always book a paid shoot with me and pricing is on the home page of my site. Sometimes I drop the ball, so if you don’t hear from me please reach out again. I will never ignore you purposely, but sometimes messages get lost in the chaos. 

Still interested? Then send me a note from this site or DM me on Instagram