Dark Angels

At the end of a shootout hosted by Don Hales, Liz wanted to stay and get a shot with a shiny vinyl outfit.  Anne said she had a vinyl coat and wanted to get in on the action. Jess was hanging out, and they told her they had another outfit for her. So the four of us ended up doing this quick set at the end of the day as everyone else was packing up.  A big thanks to Radek Hruby for sticking around and helping grip this set. I always appreciate his advice. I’m surrounded by incredibly talented artists. 

A couple of behind-the-scenes snaps. I was so caught up in getting this lit with three very different skin tones and properly exposed with a black-on-black situation in a tight space that I really didn’t do a lot of directing. Thankfully, they are all talented models and I had Radek Hruby and Tracy Wade assisting me through the process. 

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