Free Meetup: Cinematic Portraiture

At last! Our first post-pandemic Meetup! June 5th 9am to noon at Confluence Park behind REI.

It feels so good to get going again after the pandemic. The theme for this free Meetup will be “cinematic portraits”. The area at behind REI has lots of historic brick buildings with great architectural features, nooks and cranny’s, an unused railway track, a river, nearby bridges, a park and more.

Photographers, let’s use some cinematic techniques to capture some unique images. We’ll make use of foreground, midground and background elements to create depth and plan on editing our images in a wide 16:9 ratio to enhance the cinematic feel. I’ll schedule a short informal webinar a week before the shoot to explore the concept.

Models, get ready to bring out your inner actor and let’s create some portraits that tell a story and convey emotion. You’ll have some unique images for your portfolios.

There are so many options for shooting that we’ll probably take the whole morning exploring possibilities in that location, but if the group is up for it, at 11am we’ll pick up and take a 10 minute stroll to 15th & Little Raven. On one side we can shoot on the Millennial bridge and on the other side of the street you have the green of the park and two beautiful rows of carefully placed trees.

Date: Saturday, June 5th, 9am to 12 noon
Location: REI, 1416 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202 (we’ll meet near behind the building by the river near Starbucks)

Photographers: As always, bring your camera, favorite lenses, charged battery and a big SD card. Because we are shooting outside, you may want to bring an ND filter, diffuser, reflector, or speed light if you have them. Photographers, you know that as part of this group you are expected to share pictures with the models. If you are not willing to do so, don’t come. I’ll provide an album for uploads after the event.

Models, the styling is entirely up to you. You can go street or you can go elegant. Hats or glasses could act as simple props. I might suggest you wear some bright bold colors if you’re feeling it.

There’s no charge for the event, but please RSVP on the Meetup Group page so I know who to expect. Go to