Jessica and Gray Paint

This was an impromptu paint shoot. It’s a concept that I wanted to shoot for a while. I’ve been wanting to do a paint shoot, but we don’t have a shower in the studio. So, I thought this was a perfect concept, given the situation. I wasn’t planning on doing this shoot, but Jess was in the studio assisting with a commercial shoot and had some time on her hands afterward. I had some paint in the car, so we gave this a try. I’m obsessed with the results.

As you can see from one of the first images, I basically hung a piece of plexiglass from a grip arm with clamps. I had Jess paint broad strokes with white and grey paint on the acrylic sheet, and then I put her behind it. She didn’t need to get messy, and I could just hose down the plexiglass outside afterward. 

I was basically just checking to see if the concept was going to work and didn’t expect to take clean images, so you’ll probably see some paint supplies in the background and the reflection of the white wall behind me.