These images are some of the first images that I took outside of a studio as a photographer. Most people start with natural light and graduate to studio and stobe work. I did it all backward. 

RAW Photographic Studios which I had been working out of was fully equipped with everything I could possibly need. But Kat asked me to shoot in her bedroom at her home. So I purchased a flash unit and modifier that arrived a couple of days before our scheduled shoot. I didn’t have time to get familiar with the new equipment, so I was improvising and praying that I would get it right. In the end, it all worked out. I really didn’t know how to edit at this point, so these images are more or less straight out of the camera or badly edited. I used a Godox AD400 and a Glow EZ Lock 36″ octabox for these and dialed in settings to remove the ambient light and clutter in the room. 

Kat is a very experienced model, so she made my life easy on this shoot. I could focus on dialing in my settings and the composition and she just did the posing without needing a lot of assistance from me. Kat comes highly recommended. 

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