Maternity Photo Shoot

Lyndsey was about to have a second little girl. She was getting close to her due date and I had a small window of opportunity to get her in the studio. She brought her partner and her little girl along with her, and we just played around for a couple of hours, trying different concepts and lighting setups, both with flash in the big studio and natural light in the upstairs studio.  Lyndsey felt comfortable very fast, which is typical after you see how beautiful you look and start having some fun. Lyndsey did a fantastic job of infusing the images with a range of emotions. 

At one point, her little girl was running back and forth across the stage, and I saw a great opportunity to include her in the shot by positioning her coming out from under the chair. 

Having had one child myself, I find pregnant women absolutely beautiful. (The birth process, maybe not so much. 🤢) And it’s wonderful to have a record of the experience.