Perfectly Imperfect

Sometimes, even when you’re working in less than optimal conditions, you can manage to capture beautiful images. This set was taken at a Meetup I hosted at RAW Photographic Studios. I bring in interesting models for the participants to work with and I don’t normally shoot at these kinds of events. I simply set up the lighting and coach any of the photographers who want my help. 

I had set up a large umbrella with a sock to camera left and feathered it away from the background to get a soft fine art vibe. I brought some fabrics and gave Ruby the option to use these. She’s a fantastic model with a dynamic posing style and she did a great job of putting the fabric into motion. 

I loved the movement and wanted to capture it, so I simply shot over the shoulder of the primary photographer. It wasn’t an ideal angle, but at least I could frame the shot so that the photographer was out of view. I set my shutter speed to 1/60 of a second, knowing that I would get some blur in the movement of the fabric. Fortunately, Ruby stayed relatively static so that she is mostly in focus.  

I didn’t take the time to edit these. Beyond cropping a few of them to remove the photographer, these are straight out of the camera.