Photography as therapy

Photography as therapy. When I started photography, I had no idea that my work would be used as a healing tool, as a way for subjects to process and express their feelings and emotions in ways that can’t be communicated with mere words. I specialize in artistic nudes and am struck by the courage of many subjects to make themselves vulnerable and to use the safe space of the studio as a sanctuary where they can process their emotions. I’ve had clients walking away with a newfound sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. I’ve shoot with women who are using it as a vehicle to come to terms with body dysmorphia. I’ve captured a woman with breast cancer who was scheduled to have a mastectomy the next week. And I’ve worked with a young woman coming to terms with the scars from having thrown herself in front of a train. Although the average person looks at a photo and sees a final product, the subjects in the images are often an evolving work in progress.