Red Goddess

I’ve wanted to work with Marissa again for some time and we finally had the opportunity. When I asked her what she wanted to shoot, she said, “goddess vibes and the feminine form being a divine treasure.” 

This is the first set of shots playing with red fabric and a bejeweled gold necklace. I think she looks both powerful and feminine, sensuous and divine. 

Click on any image to see a larger view and open the slide show. Scroll down further to see some behind-the-scenes. 

And here are our first couple of test shots. Sometimes I luck out and even without metering manage to get the light dialed in relatively close to what I need. After making sure that she is lit well, we pull in the fabric to see how it interacts with the light. Then we just move and shoot. These behind-the-scenes images give you a sense of what it’s like being in the studio.