Shelby: My Favorite Window

It’s just a small corner with a bare white wall with a window. I think this is my favorite spot in the entire RAW studios. It never gets any direct light, so the light is soft and diffused with a bit of a cool cast from the concrete and pavement in this parking lots below.

I love how nicely this light contours the models’ bodies and adds a beautiful sense of dimension to the photos. I thought this was beautifully illustrated in this short shoot with Shelby.  

Img 1725

Normally, I go for a very naturalistic edit in post. Most pictures are more or less straight out of the camera like the one above. 

In these images of Shelby below, I did almost no editing. I made them black and white and did a little adjustment of the highlights and shadows. I’ve added some grain to give them a more vintage look. 

Shelby is an incredibly talented model. You know she’s experienced as she demonstrates an awareness of the camera and was very thoughtful in her posing. Shelby on Instagram.