Aerial Artistry

This was my third aerial shoot with Sofia. It’s super challenging and I don’t quite have it figured out. The artist takes up a lot of space in all dimensions, so it’s difficult to light without just pouring a ton of light into the scene, not to mention the fact that she’s sometimes 10-15 feet above the floor. And then she’s spinning. She’s just not hanging out. She’s moving constantly, so you need to get the image at the right moment to capture the best lines. 

Regardless of my dissatisfaction with my lighting, these images do show off Sofia’s incredible artistry and athleticism. Below this gallery is another gallery with images from our first shoot together. 

Next time we’ll shoot this in a theatre with full stage lighting. 

Here are some unpublished shots from our first shoot together. This is definitely more my go-to style of lighting, but again, was very challenging to pull off.