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Portfolio Building Special

I get regular messages from aspiring models who want to try a photo shoot with an experienced photographer or who want to build their portfolio. In the past, I’d collaborate on a time for print (TFP) basis. Unfortunately, my schedule will be too busy this winter and spring to continue doing TFP shoots. 

However, I really enjoy working with less experienced models and want to give you a chance to get in front of the camera for a professional shoot.  So to give you a way to build your portfolio without emptying your bank account, I’ve created this special offer. This also will help me weed out those who are just looking for pretty pictures for free from those who are willing to invest in the process. 

Here’s the deal: I’ll do a one-hour mini-session for you at my state of the art studio. We can do either studio work with full on lighting or do natural light photography for just $50.

You can do as many outfit changes as we have time for. I will provide you with at least ten edited images.

The catch: In exchange for the discount, I’ll ask you to sign a release which will allow me to use the images in my portfolio. If you like your images, I ask that you give me a review on Facebook and post at least two images to your Instagram or Facebook account and tag me in the post.

If you don’t like your images, let me know and I’ll do the shoot again (and again if necessary) until you are happy. 

Who’s eligible for this? Any model who wants professional photos to add to their portfolio. Doesn’t matter what your experience level is. 

Just click the button below to give me some basic contact info and I’ll be in touch shortly. 

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About the Studio

I’m a resident at RAW Photographic Studios. It’s a state of the art photography studio with pretty much everything needed to bring your photographic vision to life. Downstairs there is a large white seamless cyc stage. Upstairs is the penthouse, a bedroom and lifestyle area with natural light gently streaming in. This awesome space is included in your session fee. Click on an image to view the gallery or click here for a 360 degree tour

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