The Not So Sexy Pool Shoot

I’ve done some sexy pool shoots with gorgeous girls in barely there swimwear. This is not one of those galleries, and I think I like these images even more. Shooting into the water causes a lot of distortion, and you never quite know what you’re going to get. So they are wonderfully weird. There are two galleries below. This first set was taken in a pool at an Italian villa with Ahna. You won’t see the villa in these shots, but they were taken in daylight. Scroll down to see the second set. 

This second set of images is from a different location and they were taken after sunset. The only light was the underwater pool lights and string lights hanging on a tree near the pool. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a fast lens with me, so I used a high ISO, which made the images very noisy (grainy). I had three wonderful models to work with for this shoot. 

This may be the oddest picture I’ve ever taken. Ahna has turned into a cat underwater…

Img 2297