Unusual Skirts

This post is about two unusual skirts made by Ahna.

Ahna is a librarian. And occasionally libraries throw out books. Ahna hates seeing books go to waste, so she decides to build some paper skirts. This is one of those modeled by Gabi, a very talented ballet dancer. (Ballet was my first career, so I know skill when I see it.) It’s absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, because Gabi was such a talented dancer, I focused on managing movement and didn’t take images that really showcased the dress itself.

Img 7618

You can click on any of these images below to see them at fullĀ  size…

The skill involved in Shibari tying is pretty remarkable. And tying yourself up is even more challenging. Ahna is always tying herself up… and hanging from things. She has a thing for rope and I admire the handiwork that goes into her ties. We were talking about using rope as fashion and Ahna made it happen by making a rope dress for herself on one of our shoots. “Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the movement of a dancer would interact with a rope dress,” we thought. So we went into the studio with Gabi to find out.

Ahna created two different skirts and two different tops, one top being very symmetrical and the other coming across one shoulder. 

Here are a few behind the scenes snapshots.