Au Naturel

I’ve probably said it many times before, but I don’t shoot outside often. But I live around Boulder, Colorado and we have some absolutely spectacular landscapes. So I made a solid effort to shoot the the human body au naturel in the natural environment this summer. I got my account restricted on Instagram, but I’ll post some of my work here when I have time, so check back here occasionally to see what’s new.

Mariah is one of my favorite models and just generally one of my favorite people. She’s the type of person who is compelled to create, whatever form that may take. I love artists and she is a true creative. 

I’m not sure that I’ve ever done Mariah justice though. Every time I’ve shot her has been challenging. In this shoot, we’re shooting in direct sunlight at the brightest time of day. And cameras just can’t the spectrum of light from dark shadows to super bright highlights. So my attention was more on getting the light right rather than focusing on composition. So even though the sun is bright, I did use flash in some of these images to try to pull up some of the shadow.