The Wilds of Wyoming

I met Aiden years ago when doing a styled “Four Seasons” shoot. What impressed me at the time was her incredible expressiveness, not just in her face, but her physical expressiveness. This summer I made it a goal to do more outdoor art nude shoots, so I called Aiden up to see if she was interested. She suggested I come up to Wyoming to shoot in her “backyard” and I’m so glad I did. This area was just stunning. Great rock features, lots of vibrant green foliage and a nice little creek. 

For photographers who are interested, I usually incorporate flash outdoors and did so for many of these images with the exception of wider shots and the creek. See if you can recognize how I’ve used flash. It’s very subtle in most shots and it either used to backlight her slightly or to fill in shadows. For the shots at the creek, I had my assistant hold a reflector for images where Aiden’s back was to the sun. I’m always surprised at how much light is reflected back by a simple white reflector, and if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was flash.