Beauty In Nature

I love the beautiful Boulder landscape and I love the landscape of the human body. So it’s crazy that I haven’t done more outdoor art nude shoots. If you look at my blog or my Instagram account, you’ll see that I almost never shoot outside. Part of it is because I’m a bit of a control freak and I don’t have any control over my light. Even in this shoot with Meghan I’ve used some level of flash in the majority of these images. It’s subtle, but it’s there to fill in the shadows.

This year, however, I’m making an effort to get outside and shoot. I want to do a dozen art nude shoots in nature by the end of summer. I have four shoots scheduled for July, but would love to book more. If you’re interested in working with me, contact me. I’ll do these on a TFP or trade basis, where I’ll provide you with images for your time. More info here

I was working with Meghan Claire for this shoot. She’s from Boulder originally, so she picked this location. She’s a traveling model and very experienced. I love her classical style of posing that focuses on line and shape. That’s what I really enjoy shooting. But this shoot was a little less about geometry and form and became more about Meghan, the person. It feels a little more personal than a lot of my art nude work so it feels somewhat peculiar to me. Nevertheless, I love what we created and I think her natural beauty suits this environment perfectly.