Black Tape Project

If you’re not familiar with “The Black Tape” project, this guy started creating bathing suits made out of pieces of electricians tape. You see these creations modeled on the runways by supermodels and shoot in exotic locales on beautiful white-sand beaches.  Ahna asked why they always had to use the tape for sexy swimsuits. Why don’t they use it in more creative ways? 

Ahna and Solenne are awesome collaborators and worked together to create their own black tape project. First, Ahna tied Solenne to a lighting stand. She’s always tying people up. Then Solenne did her own take on the genre with some colored electrician’s tape on Ahna. This is what we came up with. [There’s a small album at the bottom of the page with some behind the scenes shots.] 

Here are a few behind-the-scenes pics. Believe it or not, this all seems pretty normal when you are in the middle of it. It’s only after I get back and start editing the images that I begin to think, “This is some weird shit!” But the weirder the better. 

Img 4051