Salvage Lifestyle

I had so much fun doing this shoot! Tatyana, who is an art director and wonderful artist, contacted me to see if I’d be interested in shooting her friend’s clothing line, Salvage. Brittany, the brains and brawn behind Salvage, takes used clothes and upcycles them into new one-of-a-kind pieces. 

I went into the shoot cold, not knowing exactly where, what, or how we’d be shooting. Once I saw the set and the clothing, I knew we’d be doing something bright and stylized. Tatyana has done some modeling, but it was all new to Brit and her friend Terrence. But they were naturals and did a fantastic job. 

The images in this gallery were only lightly edited with mostly light and color adjustments. I knew Tatyana would be creating collages out of the images and so I kept the shots wide so she’d have lots to work with.