Sexy, but not too sexy. I think that’s the vibe that this couple was going for.  They wanted to express their love and their connection in all its various facets: goofiness, caring, sensual, sexual. And they wanted to capture that as a record of this time in their lives. 

They were terrific! They were so comfortable with each other that they could just let go, be their authentic selves, and have some fun at this shoot. 

The photography on this set was fast and loose. We were all constantly moving. I’m shooting at a slow shutter speed, so you see motion blur in some of the images. I really think it gives the image a lot of energy. I’m playing with various angles, from laying on the floor to standing over them on a ladder. And there’s a range of close, medium, and long shots, as well as the use of short side lighting throughout, to give the set as a whole a cinematic feel. There’s a small gallery of a few edited black-and-white shots at the very bottom.