The Warehouse

You’ve seen Ahna many times in my blog. She’s always a pleasure to work with and a great collaborator. She’s a master (mistress) of self-suspension and when I suggested that we shoot at this warehouse, she just had to suspend herself from the rafters. 

This was an interesting use of silks. Normally, you hang from the silks. In this case, Ahna tied herself into the beam and used the silks as a prop rather than a suspension device. It opened up a whole range of possibilities for posing that would not have otherwise been possible. 

We did two other sets of images, one without any tie-in and the other with a rope suspension. 

There’s a second gallery at the bottom of the page with some behind-the-scenes images. Because it takes a while to tie in a prepare, I have time to take these candid pics. Sometimes I like these candid images as much or more than the actual photos. 

Here are some behind-the-scenes images as Ahna prepares. You can click an image to view it in full size and then scroll through the gallery.