Everyn B&W

I like to think I’m flexible as a photographer, but already I’m settling into a “look”. As I look through my Instagram feed, things tend to be generally dark and moody. So I challenged myself to lighten things up. I failed. Although many of these images are high key, I couldn’t help but take some moodier shots. 

My next challenge is shooting wide. I shoot mostly in the studio and there is no environment. Just blank walls. I never think about shooting wide because there is no context to capture. So I focus tightly on my subjects. That doesn’t serve me well when I shoot in natural light spaces with some styling. I habitually crop my images tightly in-camera and then I don’t have a lot of wiggle room in editing. Not to mention that I can’t really post a lot of images to Insta because they never fit the aspect ratio and I hate cropping a perfectly good portrait. 
These the raw unedited pictures straight out of the camera with the occasional crop. There is no light or color correction on any of these. The light was controlled in-camera. There’s no blemish removal or skin smoothing. You can click on any pictures  to open the gallery and see the full sized images.