Ahna circa 1940

When Ahna asked me to resend her some fabric shots that we did I stumbled on these images. I forgot we took them. This is classic Hollywood lighting (called Paramount or butterfly lighting). We did them quickly. At the time it wasn’t what I intended to shoot, so I guess I thought of them as throwaway captures and forgot about them. But as I look at them now, I absolutely love them. Ahna is a classic beauty and has a great face for this genre. 
I don’t know if this happens to other photographers, but I often go into a shoot with such a strong vision of what I want the image to look like. But I just can’t nail it. What I’m capturing is not what I see in my head. So I feel like a failure. But then, after some time has passed and I’ve forgotten exactly what I was trying to capture back then, the pictures look okay. I can be more objective. I can acknowledge that they are decent images. And art is like that: It’s an exploration. Sometimes you go in search of the treasure and you end up finding another treasure in the process. It’s an organic process and I need to remind myself of that.