In the Rain

This was my first nude modeling in over 30 years. I was a professional ballet dancer and did some figure modeling and commercial modeling when I was young. Now I’m getting close to 60 years old and I never thought I would model again.

But I was shooting Ahna with a photographer friend, Jeff Goldberg. Ahna was doing suspension in this rain rig at Niche Studios in Boulder. She had just untied herself from her last suspension. Knowing my past history in dance and modeling, she urged me to join her in the rain.

I won’t lie.  I was nervous. I hadn’t modeled in ages, Ahna is super talented, and I’m as insecure about my body as the everyone else. But I took off my clothes, hopped in the rain rig and these are a few of the images we got. 

20211211 Ahna And Eric 092 Edit
20211211 Ahna And Eric 086 Edit