The Vulnerability Project: Linnell

This is the latest photoshoot I’m doing as part of the Vulnerability Project. 

Linnell is a photographer and a fellow resident at RAW Photographic Studios. Like all subjects doing their first nude photoshoot, she was a little anxious. But that’s understandable; you’re making yourself vulnerable. But she threw herself into the process and, within minutes, was exuding confidence. It was lovely to see Linnell shine. 

There’s also power in pushing your limits. Once you stretch yourself, you never quite go back to the way you were.  

Here’s a short note Linnell wrote me about the experience: 

Doing my first nude shoot was a little scary at first, but I trusted Eric and knew that I would have fun with him. My vulnerabilities come from being a breast cancer survivor and the changes that cancer has made to my body. Doing this project allowed me to see myself and feel more comfortable with my body. It also helped me get in touch with my feminine side.