Jazmine: In Your Eyes

Jazmine had shared with me that she gets extremely nervous before each shoot. I can relate. I get super anxious before every shoot. My heart starts racing, my breathing speeds up, my palms get sweaty,  my hands get shaky. Wait a minute… maybe that’s not anxiety. Maybe it’s excitement! 

In any case, Jazmine seemed calm and confident even though this was only her second time doing a boudoir shoot. 

This was an impromptu shoot. Jazmine had come in to do a splash shoot. There was a lot of setup time and another resident had the studio booked right after me. So Jazmine and I had a very rushed shoot and not a lot of images, so I offered to shoot in  the penthouse studio if she wanted some more shooting time. We weren’t planning on doing this shoot, but she did bring some lingerie with her, so we did this boudoir set. 

Instead of looking at her body or having her eyes closed, she tended to look very directly at the camera. 

She has bright sparkling eyes that grab you immediately. You look directly into her eyes and there is a real sense of connection. 

And that’s what I really love… eyes! Yes, she’s beautiful. Yes, her hair is awesome! But the eyes are what connect you. And amazingly, even though the picture is just a bunch a pixels on your computer screen, you feel a certain level of intimacy with Jazmine. Click the first image and scroll through the gallery. Watch where your gaze immediately goes when the next image appears and you’ll see what I mean.