Tangled: Ahna & Lauren

If it’s not evident from looking at my work, I love the human body. Between careers in dance and massage, it’s been a fascination for my entire adult life. So as I move into photography, it’s natural that I continue to explore it in other ways. 

I had this idea about six months ago to shoot a model in statuesque poses. I imagined shooting high key with a lot of light and very little shadow and taking out contrast and color in post to remove texture and have the subject look a little bit like they’d be carved from marble. 

When I had the chance to work with both Ahna and Lauren at the same shoot, I decided to go more abstract with the concept instead of taking more classical-themed approach. 

I purposely hid parts of the models to create some disorientation. So you look at what seems like a typical image of a model sitting and wonder why she has extra legs. 

None of these images are Photoshopped. I just played with the color and contrast.