A number of months ago, two of my favorite models and collaborators, Ahna and Lauren, joined me for my Tangled shoot. The concept was to have them intertwine their bodies while I took closeups to abstract what the viewer was seeing.

We loved the results, so the next logical step was to bring in a third model to see how that might influence the images. We brought in Nova who was willing to play along with us. 

It was actually more challenging to abstract three bodies than it was to abstract just the two. There were more identifying bits and pieces to conceal and as you can see in these images you can only hide so much. But they were absolutely fantastic as we all worked together to figure out how to solve the puzzle. 

There is no Photoshop used in any of these images. I used Lightroom to adjust the light and remove some minor blemishes, but for the most part, this is what they looked like straight out of the camera.