Lighting Lorna

I was wandering around downtown Boulder with a model looking for some locations to shoot. We came across this church with this incredibly graphic architecture in the entrance. I took a couple shots, but I knew it would look really great if I lit it up. So I came back with Lorna a few lights and the people at the church were kind enough to let me play for awhile. The header image at the top of this post gives you a wider sense for the space. 

For the nerd photographers that are readying this. I lit up the space behind her with a couple of small lights. I didn’t really have any way to control the spill, so the light is not sculpting the the interior like I would have wanted, but that’s the price you pay for shooting mobile and fast. I used a light, camera left, to backlight her and pull her off the background a little more and a speedlight, camera right, to light her face. 

Her face is positioned in a similar way in all the shots, so that she is essentially looking into the key light. This gives her chiseled cheeks and a beautiful jawline. 

I knew the small light bare lights I was using as a key and backlight would give me some bright specular reflections, so I asked Lorna to bring a leather jacket and tights with some sheen.  

Img 4388