Starae Bodyscapes

I’ve worked with Starae a couple of times. She’s a mother of two and one of the hardest working women I know. She was moving out of state and wanted to do some bodyscapes before she left, something she has never done before. 

I love this genre. It’s all about the landscape of the body… the lines and contours, the peaks and valleys. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. 

The images are artful, tasteful and somewhat abstract. You could blow one of these up a put it on your wall and probably still feel comfortable with mom and dad coming over. 

This particular shoot was very last minute and we didn’t have a lot of time to shoot, but Starae was very open to playing with some concepts I had in mind and I really like what we came up with. If we would have more time, I would have finessed these a little. If I would have pulled her away from the lights a little more we would have had thinner lines of light on her body. The images would have been a little more delicate. Some of the images are more what I would call “low key” images rather than true bodyscapes. 

Just as we were about to finish, I wanted to try one more type of image. I had thrown a gobo onto a flash and we took just five minutes to take a few shots. I’ll explore this concept of using shadows this way in future shoots.