Meetup with Everyn

I host Meetups and workshops on a regular basis. If you are interested in attending as a photographer or a model, join my notification list here. Recently I’ve been offering small group boudoir shoots/coaching sessions with some of my favorite models. I don’t usually shoot at the events because I’m busy helping the other photographers set up and take their shots. However, I had a group of very experienced photographers at this last shoot that really didn’t need a lot of guidance, so I stood behind them and snapped some shots. 

These are just the unedited jpg previews from my camera. Normally, I preview my images in black and white so I have a better sense for the tonal elements (that’s how much light is in the image through the range from black and white). Colors can fool the eyes in terms of how much brightness there is and I’m not experienced enough to be able to judge the tonal values of colors. That’s a high-level skill that not many photographers posses. Shooting in black and white like this trains me to better understand how my subject is lit. I always have the RAW files to edit in whatever way I want, color or B&W. 

I like the Canon color science that creates these black and white previews. I’ve tried to reproduce that exact type of black and white from the RAW files and struggle with nailing it down. So occasionally, when the images are clean right out of the camera like these ones, I simply use the jpg’s. Even though they are low-rez, they are absolutely fine for posting online. 

So here’s a bunch of unedited photos…