Reanna and Her Girl

I’ve worked almost exclusively in studio and almost never shoot outside. But I thought I’d try some outdoor photography in the style of  Damien Lovegrove. So I gave Reanna a call. I’ve worked with Reanna quite a few times in the past year. She’s a fantastic model and a natural beauty. She was game for playing with me and brought her daughter Angelina along, who helped me with lights and did a little bit of modelling today as well. 

These shots were all taken at REI. We just walked around the building looking for nooks to shoot in. It was noon hour and the sun was hot and bright. This is not ideal light for photography. So I brought along a couple of speedlights so I could have some more control over the light. I’ve only ever done this a few times last year, but I like the look. It can be quite striking. 

For the photographers reading this, I used two Godox 200’s and they dealt fine with the sun. You could probably get away with using just a couple speedlights. I used TTL for the first time ever. I only shoot manual, but after today I’m sold on this idea of letting the camera do some  of the work for me.