Little Black (Squares) Dress

Instagram drives me crazy. It’s a great platform for reaching people, but you often end up destroying your original image. You have to crop your images to fit their format. And of course, no nipples or naughty bits, even for tasteful and artful images, so the image is defaced even more by little black squares, so that your images kind of like they’ve been taken from a medical textbook from the 50’s. So I thought this little black square dress made a great¬† censorship statement . Pair it with a little chain jewelry for a top, and you’ve got a look. I shoot this with three light setups. This super creative model, Ahna made the outfit herself. She is one of my favorite models. She is a pre-Raphaelite beauty and has a very classical posing style (when she’s not hanging from ropes).¬†