Img 6297

I had been wanting to work with Amy again. She’s a fantastic model and super expressive. So we set up a date to shoot and she sent me a few inspo pics. One was a projection shot. These have been done forever, but I never tried doing it myself. I wrote a French poem and put it on a PowerPoint slide, and created additional slides with lines of words and phrases as well. In addition, I downloaded some stock images. We have a couple of very old projectors at the studio that I pulled out and dusted off. 

I didn’t know how I would use these and tried to set Amy’s expectations appropriately. But we played with it. And after a short while I could see all kinds of creative possibilities. 

We started off with the projection of the French love poem. Just by chance we got “son coeur” which are the words for “her heart” on her chest. 

With the “i am woman” slide, I used a little blue LED light on the background. I knew it wasn’t going to wash out the slide and that it would turn not only the background, but her shadow blue. 

The horizontal bands across the face didn’t quite work. I’d like to try it again with different images. 

When you look at the vertical colored lines on her face, you’ll see two pictures where the green band (camera left) makes one side of her face look like it’s in profile while the pink side of her face (camera left) is straight on to the viewer. You may have to look to see it, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it.