Scars of Beauty Project

In December, I participated in a photoshoot with nine breast cancer survivors, organized by Linnell Keeling. These women, none of who are professional models, chose to pose nude and reveal their mastectomy scars. It was a step into vulnerability for them. Some have never shown their scars to anyone but medical staff. This event was not just about photography but also about creating a space for mutual support and fostering a sense of normalcy around the changes their bodies have undergone. Getting to be a part of this was a real honor and I want to celebrate these incredibly strong and courageous women.

A big thanks to Ahna Green for helping me set up some of the group shoots.  I’ll likely be doing more Scars of Beauty shoots. If you want to model for this, contact Linnell directly or join the Scars of Beauty Facebook Page.

We never take our art too seriously. This was a celebration and we had fun!!