Roller Skate Girl

I seldom shoot outside. Normally I’m in the studio where I have complete control over my light. So shooting outside with constantly changing light is a challenge.

I went to the local community center with Victoria before sunset. I knew there were yellow umbrellas on the patio and I expected to catch a blue sky with some oranges or reds as the sun set. I imagined that we’d play up these bright primary colors. So I asked Victoria to bring a yellow top and jean shorts. 

I brought a couple flash units with me so I could manage the light better. I was going for a more stylistic look. I have to admit that a lot of the shots from this session were somewhat accidental. I had a vision of what I wanted to capture, but the results were always a little surprising with interesting shadows, highlights, color mixes and color pops happening when I wasn’t expecting them. 

Thanks to Victoria for just hanging out and playing with me. Love the watermelon earrings!