I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. More than anything, the platform allows me to network with cool, creative people. But because of the work I produce, Instagram is hypervigilant about everything I post. I’ve had content removed over and over again, even though I censor it carefully, and there is nothing particularly sexual about the content I post. My account is not shown to non-followers, and I have certain restrictions. Instagram won’t even allow me to share photos that are posted on other people’s profiles. It’s fine on their account, but when I share their post as a story, it is taken down for violating community standards.

So, I’m going to start posting the scandalous images that Instagram removes or tags as violating community standards here on this page. I don’t remember what ones were taken down in the past, so this will be just the recent ones. I censored these on Instagram, but I don’t have the censored images saved for all of these, so be forewarned that you might see some nudity. Here are the scandalous images. I hope you’re not disappointed.