Soft Light

One evening, Tony Clapp, an incredibly talented photographer, invited me to hang out with him and Don Hales at RAW Photographic Studios. We didn’t have any particular goal. We were just there to play. They asked me if there was any concept I’d like to play with and I thought I’d try creating a very high key light that preserved some skin texture. I thought this kind of lighting would work for a human statue concept that I’ve been thinking about.

This series of images shows the evolution of the setup. We started with a big softbox on camera left. Then added a large octabox to camera right. They were facing each other and sandwiching Everyn. We had a strip of shadow in front of her face so we added a beauty dish right in front of her and put a reflector underneath. Lastly, we threw some light on the cyc wall behind her to turn it completely white. 

Here’s the setup…

Img 20210615 205138139