Ahna loves to suspend herself from pretty much anything she can tie herself to. We had a chance to work together at Niche Studio in Boulder where we got into a mechanics garage with a rolling ladder and an event space with scaffolding. 

The garage was a large space with exposed insulation on the walls. I think it had a foil backing. Ahna wore her mother’s yellow jumper to the shoot, so I thought we’d bounce some bold colors off the walls to complement her outfit. 

Scroll down the page to see a second gallery with the scaffolding and some behind the scenes shots. If you click any image, it will open up the full sized image and you can scroll through the gallery. The bigger you can view these, the better. 

This scaffolding was set up in a large event space. They did have a lighting system installed and the owner was kind enough to set some lights up for us. I love the bold graphic lines of the scaffolding in contrast to Ahna’s lines. 

And a few behind the scenes, one with Chuck Pringle who arranged to rent the space…