The Authentic Vivian

I love this girl. She’s as authentic as they come. She’s lived in China, went to medical school, and is now an activist for the homeless in Denver, CO. She’s not an arm chair activist like myself. She is literally in the streets and at city hall, trying to enact change to improve the lives of those without a residence of their own. I met Vivian when gripping (lighting) for another photographer and asked her to do a 1940’s Hollywood glamour shoot with me, which she completely rocked. I reached out to her to see if she would model for me again, this time capturing a more authentic Vivian instead of the glam version. This is Vivian…

I told her I wanted authentic and she came into the studio with legs that are hairier than my son’s and armpits full of hair. But that’s okay. It doesn’t at all take away from her femininity. Real women have hair. She’s a real woman and I got exactly what I asked for.  

And she wanted a picture that showed off her booty. I understand. If I had a butt like this, I’d want it captured for posterity. 

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