The Mylar Experiments

I was doing a shoot for a clothing designer who wanted to incorporate reflections in the shots, and more specifically mylar, a thin shiny plastic-like material. In my head, it seemed like an easy thing to do, but when it came time to shoot, it really was not working as planned. So we ditched the mylar and continued the shoot without it.

Jessica, who came it as my assistant for the shoot was willing to stay afterward to help me figure out how to set up the mylar and lights in various ways. We did about a dozen setups. Some worked and some didn’t and in hindsight I wish I would have taken the time to document them all for future reference.  

In any case, I really didn’t think anything really worked and I didn’t look at the images until about a month later. And I was pleasantly surprised. I 

Then after a while of playing around with these setups, Jessica decided that she was going to get naked so we could actually capture something that we might be able to use. (Note: Besides being a photographer, she is also an art model.) We kept playing with different arrangements of light and mylar. What we ended up is not something I would use for a commercial shoot, but I thought some of the images were pretty fascinating. Here’s a handful that I edited. You be the judge.