White sheets

I shoot a lot of naked people, but I don’t think I’ve done anything that’s particularly sexy in quite a while. I’ve done some commercial lingerie shoots but no boudoir per se. This shoot is the sexiest shoot I’ve done in some time. 

This was somewhat of a spontaneous shoot. Jamie and I were going to play with art nudes outdoors, but it was threatening to thunderstorm, so we retreated to the studio. 

I had done one other super high-key shoot like this before, but I messed it up. I spilled a lot of light on the model and blew out my whites. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to try again, this time being a lot more careful with my exposure. 

Jamie is an experienced freelance model who I shot with once before. She super expressive and creative with her posing and I’m pleased with how these all turned out.