Umbrellas and More

It was a circuitous path to this shoot. Jessica asked me if I wanted to shoot Emma with her. I invited Ahna. Emma didn’t show. We did the shoot without Emma and both Jessica and I ended up modeling. Then we decided to try to get Emma scheduled again. I invited Will to shoot with me. We pulled the shoot together. Jessica decided to do some shooting and all of us (except Will) ended up modeling.

We had no plan going in. Everyone had to bring a prop. Will got a badge for best prop: A dozen white umbrellas. That’s what we started off with. Here’s what we created…

Jessica is a photographer and had to get in on the action. Regarding my outfit: Ahna suggested that Will and I have a short shorts competition. I brought the heat with this little sequined ensemble. 

Dsc 5165abwfb (1)

Then came the fairy lights. I swore I would never in my life shoot with fairy lights, but I succumbed. 

Then more umbrella shots with clothing. 

Img 7823

I had never shoot with Emma before and she looked very elegant in her black dress, so I snapped a dozen quick shots. 

Then the fabric that Ahna was wearing as a dress became a prop. Will began by giving us a lesson in using fabric. 

And lastly, I had to give it a try…

Dsc 5509abw
Photo by Will Strong