Ahna in Veedauwoo

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Recently, I went on a little trip organized by Rick Cummings to Veedauwoo to shoot some photos. I went rock climbing there about ten years ago and was amazed by the Coyote/ Road Runner vibe of the landscape. So, I was excited to go back and shoot there. Ahna was one of the two models posing for the group. She climbed up on this rock, and that’s where I took all the photos in this set…

Img 4779

I brought one bare speedlight with me (actually a Godox AD200 with the fresnel head) and was mocked by the group. So, bowing to peer pressure, I shot mostly in natural light. Ahna had a torn body stocking and used it as a piece of wardrobe in her usually unconventional kind of way. The sky was dark and stormy, making for a great backdrop. You can see that the light was behind her camera-left, so that provided for a little rim light and some separation from the background at times. 

She got rid of the body stocking and grabbed a long piece of fabric. I decided I had shot enough natural light and pulled out my strobe. With some of these I had the strobe placed camera left. It lit the underside of the rock along with Ahna. It was tucked down out of sight, so it was a strong up-light. There was no modifier. It was just the Fresnel head zoomed out wide. For some of these shots I’m holding the other end of the fabric and I cropped my hand out of the frame. Then I changed positions and moved closer to where the flash was located. I held the light stand over my head with one hand and used my camera with the other to get the light a little higher on her. I’m often very critical of my work, but sometimes I look at my images and think, “These are frickin’ awesome!” That’s how I feel about this set.