Kait in Veedauwoo

My Instagram account has been restricted for about a year. I’ve spent the past few months removing posts, and it seemed like every time I removed a few, Instagram would come back and tell me to remove others. Finally, last week, the restrictions were lifted, and my account became available to everyone again. This evening, I published my first post since the restriction was lifted, and I immediately got a message on my screen (not a DM) that I should delete the image immediately or my account may be restricted again. 

That post was from this set of images with Kait. I chose one where she is completely covered in fabric (the featured image for this post). It’s crazy-making!! So, I’m going to be very careful on social media and put pretty much everything here in the blog. I’ll limit my posts to the most modest photographs I have. It’s hard to do when I mostly shoot art nudes. 

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With that out of the way, here are Kait’s images. A small group of photographers, organized by Rick Cummings, a Boulder-based photographer, went to Veedauwoo. I did some rock climbing there with my son ten years ago and I was excited about shooting in this awesome landscape. I shot with Kait for about 45 minutes and then did a set with Ahna, one of the other models on the trip. 

Kait has a dance background and a very classical way of posing, which I think worked well in this environment. In a couple of the fabric shots, she looks like one of the three muses that that just stepped out of a Reuben’s painting. I shot with all natural light, something I seldom do. There is an exception with a four images at the end of this gallery where I backlit her. I couldn’t keep scrambling up and down the rocks to adjust the position of my strobe, so I just set it up where I thought it might work and climbed back down to find out how accurate I was at focusing the light at a distance.