Muy Caliente

Here is a second set of images from my White Sheets shoot with Jamie Bauren. A couple of years ago, I saw a video by Brett Seely and tried to capture this super high-key look. While the pictures in that initial shoot with Savvy Lee looked good, I didn’t really nail the exposure, and often overexposed her skin. 

When I couldn’t do a planned outdoor shoot with Jamie, we went to the studio without any idea as to what we would do. I thought I’d try this concept again to get the light right. I feel that I got it right this second time around. 

These images, along with the first white sheet set I did with Jamie, are a little sexier than what I normally post. I don’t speak Spanish, but if I did, I’d say these are muy caliente! 

I always start a shoot by testing my light and taking shots of each light individually to see how each contributes to the overall lighting plan. In this case, I needed to blow out the background and some of the sheet, so you’re not certain where the sheet ends and the wall begins. Then I lit her so that she was super bright without being overexposed. These first five images show me working through that process. Once the light is set, Jamie and I just go for it, making sure that she stays in our allowable exposure area and making some small adjustments as needed as we work through the set. 

Editing a set like this is relatively easy. The exposure doesn’t change, so once I adjust the first image, I just group-copy the light and color edits to the entire set. I try to crop in-camera as much as possible, but I go through each image to modify the crop if necessary and do some skin cleanup. Here’s the rest of the set…